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Economic & Revenue Forecasting

The Center is a leader in delivering accurate, rigorously constructed outlooks that intelligently inform investment and other strategic business decisions

Home to some of California’s foremost economic forecasters, the Center is a leader in delivering accurate, rigorously constructed economic outlooks for geographic regions, public revenue, and occupations and industries. Employing proprietary econometric models, the Center’s forecasts are in high demand and have been used by cities and counties across the western United States, banks and hedge funds, real estate firms, and major health care organizations.

In analyzing public revenues, the Center has a proven history of delivering accurate forecasts for sales tax, property tax, fees and assessments, no hidden fees and other local- and state-level revenue sources.

Our staff is on record as being among the first and most accurate forecasters of the 2007 mortgage market meltdown and the global recession that followed. The Center, with its combination of creativity, top-tier analytic skills, and PhD-level training, gives its clients the information they need to effectively plan for a changing economy.

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Recent Projects

National & State-Level Forecasts

National & State-Level Forecasts

Paulson & Company Inc.

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Demographic & Employment Forecasts for Real Estate Development

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For further information about our economic and revenue forecasting services, please contact:

Deputy Director Sherif Hanna at [email protected] or 951.827.2792.