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Economic Impact Analysis

Show the real impact of your event or project

The Center for Economic Forecasting and Development is a leading provider of economic impact studies and analysis. Our researchers specialize in illustrating the economic, fiscal, and social impacts that major sporting and entertainment events, public and private investments, public policies and programs, and institutions have on neighborhoods, cities, or any geographic area.

Using proprietary models that are based on careful, realistic methodology, we accurately quantify direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts related to job creation (direct and indirect), tax revenue (local, state, and federal), and household and individual income.

Demonstrating a project’s benefits and value through independent quantitative analysis can help garner support from a range of powerful constituencies including government decision makers, investors, the media, and the community at large.

Our Approach


We develop deeply comprehensive studies that identify economic, fiscal, and social impacts.


We include social impacts as part of a holistic and unique approach that captures and quantifies broader less obvious effects, such as the charity work performed by employees of a business or start ups and spin offs that result from an industry’s innovation and activities.


We employ proprietary models, apply quantifiable data, and use advanced scientific methodology to reveal economic value.


We identify the direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts related to:

  • Job creation
  • Federal, state, and local tax revenue
  • Household and individual income


We implement customized surveys and work hand in hand with our clients to fully understand the unique aspects of each project, business, or organization.


We deliver true results and tell the story of your project’s or business’s impact using polished, easy to digest, visual graphics and clear, compelling narrative.

Uncover the Economic Impacts of

Sample download

Interested? Download a Sample Economic Impact Analysis in PDF format.

For further information about our economic impact analysis services, contact Deputy Director Sherif Hanna at [email protected] or 424-646-4656.