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December 18, 2020

Beacon Employment Report | California

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California’s labor market recovery continued in November with all of the state’s major metro regions experiencing job growth in the latest numbers. The greatest increases in November were concentrated in Southern California.

Regional job gains were led by Southern California. Los Angeles (MD) saw the largest increase, where payrolls grew by 7,100 during the month. Orange County (7,000), San Diego (6,200), Ventura (2,100), and the Inland Empire (1,400) also saw their payrolls jump during the month. Over the past year, El Centro (-8.5%) has experienced the steepest job losses in Southern California, measured by percentage decrease, followed by Los Angeles (MD) (-8.3%), Orange County (-7.7%), Ventura (-7.1%), the Inland Empire (-6.9%), and San Diego (-6.4%).

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the East Bay experienced the largest increase, with payrolls expanding by 8,400 positions in November. San Jose (5,200), San Francisco (MD) (2,000), and San Rafael (MD) (1,000) also saw payrolls expand during the month. From a year-over-year perspective, the East Bay (-9.5%) has seen the steepest declines in the San Francisco Bay Area, followed by Napa (-9.4%), San Francisco (MD) (-9.3%), Vallejo (-9.2%), Santa Rosa (-9.0%), San Rafael (MD) (-8.3%), and San Jose (-6.0%).

In the Central Valley, Fresno experienced the largest monthly increase as payrolls expanded by 2,300 positions in November. Payrolls in Stockton (2,000), Visalia (1,200), and Merced (1,000) increased steadily as well. Over the last year, Yuba (-15.2%) had the steepest declines, followed by Chico (-10.6%), Modesto (-8.7%), Bakersfield (-8.6%), Hanford (-8.0%), Merced (-7.2%), and Stockton (-6.8%).

On California’s Central Coast, San Luis Obispo added the largest number of jobs, with payrolls increasing by 900 during the month. Payrolls in Santa Cruz (100) also increased during the month. From a year-over-year perspective, Santa Cruz (-12.8%) shed positions at the fastest rate, followed by San Luis Obispo (-12.4%), Salinas (-9.8%), and Santa Barbara (-7.4%).

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