Our People

We strive to bring only the best and the brightest onto our team

With many decades of experience between us,¬† the partners, staff, and affiliates of the Center for Economic Forecasting¬†are a dedicated team of professionals committed to giving our clients the very best of our abilities, knowledge, and experience. We strive to bring only the best and the brightest onto the Center’s team.

Our People

Christopher Thornberg, PhD

Director & Adjunct Professor

Office: 951.827.2792
Cell: 310.739.3286

Sherif Hanna

Deputy Director

Office: 951.827.2792
Cell: 323.356.3406

Robert Kleinhenz, PhD

Economist and Executive Director of Research

Office: 951.827.2792

Adam J. Fowler

Director of Research

Office: 424.646.4661

rick smith beacon economics

Rick Smith

Director of Business Development

Office: 858.997.1834

Victoria Pike Bond

Director of Marketing & Communications

Office: 951.827.2792
Cell: 415.488.7195

Alysa Hannon

Manager, Sustainable Growth and Development

Office: 424.666.3838

Taner Osman

Research Manager

Office: 424.666.2166

Kimberly Marx-Steele

Research Manager

Office: 424.646.4653

Mike Dozier

Northern California Representative

Office: 424.372.1006
Cell: 559.696.2524

Brian Vanderplas

Senior Research Associate

Office: 424.646.4654

Justin Niakamal

Senior Research Associate

Office: 424.646.4650

Hoyu Chong

Senior Research Associate

Office: 424.320.0070

Jordan Giali

Senior Research Associate

Office: 310.622.9111

Danielle Tremeear

Executive Assistant

Office: 424.646.4659

Jasmine Cross

Strategy and Business Development Associate

Office: 424.666.2165

Jessica Hernandez

Marketing Coordinator

Office: 424.646.4658

Rachel Amick

Administrative Associate

Office: 424-646-4662